Live, Laugh, Love

Want to hear about how a 21 year old made the decision to do all natural home birth and deliver a healthy baby boy in her bed ? What about how I survived my rough pregnancy & the life saving advise/supplements that got me through my pregnancy and labor? No, well I know every one is interested in the health of there baby and of themselves and OH BOY do I have stories for you that I only hope will bring you the joy, courage, motivation or whatever it may be that you need.


If a story is in you, it has GOT to come out.”

– William Faulkner


If there is one thing I feel I was put on this earth to do it would be to share my life stories to help,encourage,motivate, and inspire my peers, and that alone is one of the most rewarding feelings one could endure.

I hope my stories can you give what you’re looking for & hopefully, just maybe make a difference in the world.

Enjoy all; follow me through my milestones.

“No one can tell your story, so tell it yourself.

No one can write your story, so write it yourself.”

Author – Unknown.